Tropical Nails inspired by Victoria’s Secret Wallpaper

July 29, 2014 in Nail Art, Nails

Hello my beautiful friends. I am so excited about today’s blog post, because I just made another mani inspired by a pattern. A few days ago, I created a board on Pinterest called Prints and Patterns. I just love pinning all the inspirational pictures there, and then when I can’t decide on my mani, I browse though the board and pick a design to recreate. Today’s tropical nails are inspired by a beautiful pink and purple pattern with palm leaves and tropical flowers. I am not sure of the original source of it, but I believe it’s one of the Victoria’s Secret Pink patterns.


I had so much fun making these colorful tropical nails! These colors work so well together and the design just screams Summer! I started with a beautiful dark purple base. This is KIKO no. 291. I picked up this color a long time ago, but never had a chance to use it. I think it’s pretty close to the color in the pattern. The application was very smooth. I needed 2 thin layers (but you could get away with 1 layer for a full opacity as well).


My second step for this mani was to paint the palm tree leaves. I used my beautiful Sally Hansen Lacey Lilac. I love Sally Hansen’s Xtreme Wear. I only have a few polishes from that range, but they are all exceptionally good. I painted the leaves with a thin nail art brush and let it dry before making the hibiscus flowers.


Once the palm tree leaves were dry, I started making the flowers. First, I painted a pink base using China Glaze Bottoms Up. It’s a gorgeous, bright pink and because it’s quite opaque it was very easy to paint the flowers over a dark base. I just made random flower shapes with five petals. Then I took a dark pink from a brand called Max to make the insides of the  hibiscus flowers. I don’t even know what this color is called, because it’s just a random brand I bought a long time ago. Then I added a bit of purple shading with the same KIKO shade as the base and finally made the very insides black.


Then I took a white and a neon yellow nail polish and made the pretty insides of the flowers. I love hibiscus flowers! They always remind me of something tropical  and I think they are one of the most beautiful flowers ever! I hope one day I get to see those gorgeous flowers in real life ;) The little yellow dots are very tiny in real life, so I used the tip of my thin nail art brush to dot them over.


I am going to spam you with just one more picture of these cute tropical nails. I just couldn’t stop taking pictures of this mani. And they all came out so good, so I couldn’t decide on just a few. They all had to make it to this post ;)


What do you guys think of these tropical nails with pretty hibiscus flowers? Do hibiscus flowers also remind you of summer? :) Please let me know in the comments below and have a wonderful day/evening!

Lots of kisses, Paulina Xx

Nail Artists You Should Know – Tropical Flower Nails by Nailista y co

July 28, 2014 in Nail Art, Nails

Hi my beautiful friends. Long time no see. I have been so busy in the past couple of days and weekends are working days for me. Sorry for neglecting the blog for a bit. It’s Monday, so we are going to continue with the series Nail Artists You Should Know and today’s guest blogger is all the way from Mexico. Please welcome Marii from Nailista y co blog! I found her Instagram account a while ago and have been admiring her beautiful nail art ever since. I have to say that Marii made such a big improvement since the time I first followed her. She is also probably one of the nicest nail art addicts I know :) Today she made gorgeous tropical flower nails and she was so sweet to make a tutorial for us on how they are done! Thank you Marii for doing these beautiful flower nails and a tutorial! I am amazed at your skills and really loving the colorful flowers. It gives me such a nice, warm summer feeling.


Hello ladies! It’s such an honor to be featured here on Paulina’s blog! I did a special manicure for today’s post, but first let me tell you a little bit about me…My name is Marii and I live in Mexico. My nail polish obsession started when I was 13, but it got really out of control about two years ago, when I started reading Camille’s blog, Pshiiit. A couple months later I decided to improve my nail art skills and make a blog of my own. My blog is Nailista y co. Although nowadays I post most of my manicures on Instagram @nailistayco, I occasionally do blog posts as well.




The manicure I’m presenting to you today was inspired by the pattern on a piece of clothing from Victoria’s Secret. I started with a bright yellow base: Birdie from Ruby Wing nail polish (which changes to orange under sunlight, but we’ll get to that later). When it dried, I started drawing tropical flowers.
Here’s a small pictorial, so you can see how I did it:
First, I drew the basic shape with white acrylic paint using a very, very thin brush. Then I outlined the petals to give them some depth with Sunset Sail by China Glaze and Taupe-less Beach by OPI. I also added some tiny polka dots in the center and the stem of the flower with a darker brown (Stormy by Revlon Top Speed). I did basically the same process for the second flower but this one included some upside down pink petals, so I used Strike a Rose by China Glaze.
I added a gradient on my index and my pinky to give it a pop of color. I used Birdie, Salmon and Garfunkel by Catrice and Strike a Rose. Finally I added a coat of Seche Vite.
Here’s a picture of the mani in the sun so you can see how Birdie changes from yellow to orange in just a few seconds! These Ruby Wing polishes are so fun to look at :)
So that’s it for me! I hope you enjoyed this mani and thank you so much Paulina for sharing this space in your blog with me!

Half Moon Purple Rose Nails

July 23, 2014 in Nail Art, Nails

Hello my beautiful friends. I so so excited about today’s blog post and it’s all because I made some cute rose nails again and I just can’t wait to show them to you! Yes, yes you heard it right, roses again. I just couldn’t resist from making another pretty design. I always try to do a different design from the previous one. This time, I went with a cute mint half moon design. Let’s take a look.


Do you see the sparkles in the negative space by my cuticles? I applied my favorite holographic topper China Glaze – Fairy Dust. It just makes any mani looking beautiful! I waited for a bit to let it dry, and then I made the mint half moon. If some of you are still wondering how it’s done, reinforcement paper stickers is what you need! It’s so easy to make a half moon mani with those. The mint polish I used is Sally Hansen – Mint Sorbet. It’s one of the most beautiful mint polishes ever. And it’s so opaque! This is just 2 very thin coats.


For the base of my purple flowers I used Sally Hansen – Lacey Lilac. Another very beautiful nail polish from this brand and also very opaque. I wish Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear was more available in Europe. I got these two on some sale long time ago and since then, I can’t find them anywhere! If any of you know where I can get these babies in Europe, please let me know! :)


All the details, shading and highlighting on these rose nails were done with three different polishes. I started with a slight shading with Golden Rose no. 258, then I took a darker polish, which was KIKO no. 291 to make the roses look even deeper. Then I wanted to highlight the outer parts of the roses, so I used a white polish Essie Blanc for that purpose. At the end I added the leaves using a deep green polish from Nicka K called Jade. When the nail art was done, I put a layer of Seche Vite top coat and I was good to go.



That’s it for today! I made it till the end of this post after 3 hours of trying to upload the pictures! You have no idea how slow my internet is… And I live in such an “advanced” country like Germany…

Anyways, I hope you guys liked another rose nails design and that you are still liking my florals :) Check back tomorrow, because I have some bright, tropical mani coming up. How exciting! Lots of hugs for ya!